Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spaghetti cuiitt cuiitt!!!

Assalamualaikum and good night reader!!..
wow today im very happy because i already cook spaghetti and the taste is awesome!!!
hahahaha...this is first time i cook spaghetti.

taraaaaa..ini la spaghetti cuiitt cuitt...aku pun tak tau nape nama nya spaghetti cuitt cuitt..

Im not use prego or campbells for the sauce.Im use sauce made by my self.
below are the ingredients to cook spaghetti :

2)large pepper
4)minced beef
8)powder flavor.

How to make???

1) boiled spaghetti until tender.

2) then chopped tomatoes.
3) melt planta,saute onion and pepper cut in small big.
  and add the blended tomatoes.
4) Saute until fragrant add salt, flavor powder, and sugar to taste.
5) stir until it thickens.
6) minced meat and sausages mix thoroughly and serve over spaghetti that has ditos
spaghetti sauce on top and serve.

selamat mencuba.....

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